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This is one of my most favorite pictures…It is my grandmother holding her great grandchildren. This is the first time that she had seen them since they were born. This was taken during the first week they were out of the hospital. The outfits they have on are for preemies yet they are falling right off the babies…we must have redressed them them in those outfits a dozen times before arriving at my parents house just to get some pictures..then afterwards put them in onesies..which to me were wonderful.

As you can see the heart monitor leads hanging down.. their tiny little bodies in my grandmother’s arms…my grandmother passed away a few months later so this picture is extremely sentimental to me. After this visit – I realized what a massive job it was to get three kids ready (the older siblings) and then twins just to go anywhere..it really took a toll on me. I think I lived on adrenaline for the first year after having the twins. I will say that both babies were WONDERFUL to travel with – get ready – do anything with…always happy and content…always laughing!!! My time with the two of them together is something I will always cherish!

Just thought I would show off another picture…Just remembering some precious times!

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