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Today in Soul Coaching – the topic is connecting with Nature. Just typing that makes the world seem so much more simpler. I think just as basic human beings – you should connect in some way, shape or form with nature. There are infinite number of ways to connect – what matters is how to connect to what part of nature. What I mean is….my favorite part of nature is – the ocean…not so much beaches to just lay there and soak in the sun (which I have done all my life) but to sit with your eyes closed….and concentrate so intensely on the sounds you hear at the beach…after a while – you will no longer hear people talking or kids screaming or crying or laughing. If there were radios/music playing – that also fades away.
What you hear – are the waves rolling in – once in a while you hear a seagull squawk. You feel the heat of the sand on your feet – the sand squishing  between your toes. The sun shinning on your face – feeling that warmth.

The sounds of the waves become hypnotic. It makes you feel drowsy. Once you hear the rhythm of the waves crashing to the shore – once you recognize the beat – that is what I call one with nature. It is almost as if your heart beat is beating at the same rate as the waves rolling in. That is where I find peace…peace with nature. It makes me feel like I could live like that forever – I never want to leave it….and even tho being in the sun usually makes you tired later on….those sounds make you feel re-energized. Full of life…awake again in a renewed fashion to the world around you.

In those instances of finally feeling one with nature – you could be on a crowded beach yet be very much alone – that no one else is around – no one else exists…it is a feeling of peace!

You can get that same feeling taking a walk in the woods….first it seems like there is so much to get through while walking – but if you stop and notice that the woods have a natural cushion to walk on – so soft – and the trees are the guardians of the woods – the bark showing the age, the history of each and every tree – they protect the land below – they protect all creatures…they offer a haven for all living things…if you close your eyes – there is a pure silence in the woods – that carries it’s own peace…the smell of the woods is a mixture of the soil, rocks, trees, and such – that give an Ora of strength – a majesty among all natural things! The leaves of the trees filter the natural sun light coming through – as if they know how much light is really needed down below. The soft lighting…the smell of deep strength…the high trees and soft floor is a peace that is built into nature. You do not have to go look for it – it is there – just waiting to be enjoyed!

So go listen to the waves or talk a walk in the woods and become one with nature – and feel the peace!
Today I will breathe in all of nature and feel the beat of it’s peace!!!

Today is day 25 of SOUL COACHING and day 26 of NABLOPOMO.