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Today is the last lesson in Soul Coaching – it is Circle Of Love! It has been a BEAUTIFUL walk through this Journey of Soul Coaching. There are a couple of things I wanted to say –

  • I NEVER thought I would make it this far…I am thrilled I did…I feel like I have truly accomplished something..nothing historic – but an inner accomplishment…I did not give up…I did not succumb to those negative thoughts that haunt me about pain or tiredness or I am not worth it!!! The one and only reason for that – is all of YOU.
  • You all have given me the STRENGTH…the ENCOURAGEMENT…the SUPPORT…the GUIDING WORDS..to keep moving forward. I truly was a TOTAL mess when this book/class started. But I can honestly say that I am thinking fewer negative thoughts…saying more encouraging words to myself…believing more in myself, all of that is ONLY DUE TO YOU MY SOUL FRIENDS!!
  • You all have touched my life – truly – you have added a new dimension and I will always be GRATEFUL for that!
  • I found that the more open I was in my entries – the more I grew – and the more I found others to be encouraging and supportive and filled with beautiful words and thoughts and ideas!
  • Jamie – THANK YOU for accepting me – encouraging me – being so nice to me – and for following your vision for this class/book…your vision has inspired me – hugged me…filled me with HOPE…I am so blessed to have met you!
  • TRULY my SOUL and LIFE is blessed to have met all of you – to read your inspiring words and thoughts

THANK YOU for letting me join you all and for joining me – on this beautiful JOURNEY that I will remember for the rest of my life! I believe my journey is just beginning – I want it to keep going – to keep positive!

Today – I will love myself so that I can love others ~!~

Today is day 28 for SOUL COACHING and day 29 for NABLOPOMO.