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It has been a while since I wrote about things that make me happy – it has nothing to do with NOT being happy – just trying to heal myself psychologically and emotionally so that I can get back to where I used to be.

I used to LOVE going out and working on plants and gardening….used to LOVE going shopping and not really buy anything….LOVE taking pictures of nature….LOVE having people over for dinner and just fun…but for years now I barely answer the phone to talk to anyone (including family and friends) – I hide in my little computer room and that is it.

Slowly lately I have been working on creations and moving forward…little tiny baby steps…small improvements – and it feels good right now—then about 4 weeks ago – my son and his wife (he is stationed in Japan) had a baby girl….her name is Savannah Marie….My daughter in law already has a toddler from another relationship – so I am a GRANDMOTHER – and that makes me HAPPY – actually ecstatic!!!!

The picture above is of my son and his wife and “D” their toddler and the new sweetie Savannah – he has received new orders to be stationed in Georgia – only about 6-8 hours away – we are thrilled – they come home Sept 9th so we are just soo00 excited!!! For now that is what makes me HAPPY!!!

The picture of the dam is from a high school friend who took the pic of the dam in our town – i have such awesome memories of the dam – so I was thrilled to receive this pic. Again – makes me beyond HAPPY!!

I hope you are HAPPY and Thanks for stopping by!!!



Well today we made the reservation for our son to fly back to Arizona once his visit here is over…he will have to “hang out” at the airport in Arizona for about 8 hours or so before flying out to Japan. Apparently the army has a army representative there at the airport where he will arrange sleeping quarters at or near the airport so that soldiers can get some sleep and rest up before continuing on with their trip. So all we have to do is get him there. He should start driving here around November 9th. He is driving here because he is bringing his car home..the army suggested that he store the car somewhere in california but that is useless because they do not start it for you…or maintain the car..if the car is here..then we will start it up a couple of times a week…drive it around the block..and make sure it stays safe. Right now he has to return to Arizona on November 17th. His flight to Japan leaves out very early on the 18th. So we booked his flight from Orlando.

The weather here is still too warm for my liking…I realize that Florida does not have your normal four seasons….but it is already the end of October and still the temps are in the 90’s and the humidity has not gone down enough. We are also 24 inches below in our rainfall…so it is going to be a very dry and crispy “winter” which usually leads to a lot of sporadic fires. I am really shocked at the fires in California. That is just so devastating…my prayers are with all those families…

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my blogs and how to organize everything. I already have a personal blog at aol…but it is EXTREMELY limited on what you can have in your blog..basic pictures and text and some widgets from technorati..but nothing major. It also seems that people outside of the aol community cannot leave comments if they do not have an aol screen name…which I think just limits it more. I do like wordpress so far. It has taken some getting used to ..but I like it. I am just trying to figure out in which direction to go.

Well if I come up with any more interesting thoughts (cough cough!!) I shall return!



Sorry we have neglected this blog. Real life seems to take over the fun of online life. It has been busy busy busy. My daughter is in her senior year…the cost of senior year is unbelievable…senior portraits-220 dollars, class panoramic photos- 45 dollars, class ring-216 dollars, homecoming dance-45 dollars, now this does NOT include the extra costs of class expenses for every class she takes for extra materials…my only question is – Where is the money from the lottery that is suppose to financially enhance the school systems here? The more the lottery goes on the more the parents are footing the bill for their child’s education. Now those costs that I have mentioned above are just for the first 9 weeks of school…we still have 27 more weeks to go.

One of my sons has just received his orders to report to Japan for his first duty. He will be graduating from AIT (his job training) on November 8th and then hopefully come home for a couple of days to say good bye before he flies off for 24-36 months. I have many mixed feelings about all this. None of which I can talk about right now because emotionally I am just a wreck. When I think about it all, I cry…yes I knew when he joined the army that this was a strong possibility but it is actually happening, and I still am not prepared to deal with it.

My other son (and his twin) is stationed at Ft Campbell Kentucky. He is a firefighter in the army. He seems to like his assignment right now…I have no idea how long he will be there. We hear from both of them all the time – which is nice – and it does bring some relief to hear their voices and know they are ok…I guess we have been spoiled that way.

We have been trying to deal with house repairs…seems when one thing goes wrong then other things start falling apart. It has become quite costly and time consuming. Owning a home does have a few downfalls.

I am trying to organize my pages, adding some hobby blogs that I have…so bear with me…slowly but surely I will get things together.

Thanks for stopping by—PEACE!!!