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Sorry we have neglected this blog. Real life seems to take over the fun of online life. It has been busy busy busy. My daughter is in her senior year…the cost of senior year is unbelievable…senior portraits-220 dollars, class panoramic photos- 45 dollars, class ring-216 dollars, homecoming dance-45 dollars, now this does NOT include the extra costs of class expenses for every class she takes for extra materials…my only question is – Where is the money from the lottery that is suppose to financially enhance the school systems here? The more the lottery goes on the more the parents are footing the bill for their child’s education. Now those costs that I have mentioned above are just for the first 9 weeks of school…we still have 27 more weeks to go.

One of my sons has just received his orders to report to Japan for his first duty. He will be graduating from AIT (his job training) on November 8th and then hopefully come home for a couple of days to say good bye before he flies off for 24-36 months. I have many mixed feelings about all this. None of which I can talk about right now because emotionally I am just a wreck. When I think about it all, I cry…yes I knew when he joined the army that this was a strong possibility but it is actually happening, and I still am not prepared to deal with it.

My other son (and his twin) is stationed at Ft Campbell Kentucky. He is a firefighter in the army. He seems to like his assignment right now…I have no idea how long he will be there. We hear from both of them all the time – which is nice – and it does bring some relief to hear their voices and know they are ok…I guess we have been spoiled that way.

We have been trying to deal with house repairs…seems when one thing goes wrong then other things start falling apart. It has become quite costly and time consuming. Owning a home does have a few downfalls.

I am trying to organize my pages, adding some hobby blogs that I have…so bear with me…slowly but surely I will get things together.

Thanks for stopping by—PEACE!!!