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Have I told you yet how much I admire my daughter’s compassion? I do. Her heart is BIG enough to love as many as she wants with no limitations…she has such a caring attitude that it amazes me – a deep soul – no limits and no expectations – just pure acceptance and compassion. I have noticed this in her, her entire life.

Instead of me trying to remember all those times I really noticed it…today is a prime example. Yesterday we spotted a couple of drops of blood on our tile floor. We thought it was her dog THOR…Thor had been to the vet three weeks ago because of large patches of blood coming out of him wherever he had been laying down. Turns out he broke the bone that surrounds or is part of his urethra.  Well the vets gave us medicine (steroids) to give to him for three weeks..varying the doses. After the first two days we noticed a BIG improvement…we were all relieved but especially Crystalyn. She was so scared she was going to lose her dog…(side note: the vets think he broke it trying to mate with one of our females and she turned wrong and broke the bone-ouch). Well when we saw the drops of blood last night – her face dropped and that hurt look came back..the worry…she called the vet and set up an appointment for early this morning. She stayed up all night to make sure she would get to the appointment and to keep Thor company..who just happen to lay down by her feet all night…he adores her and as much she adores him. She made it to the appointment and the vet said he wanted to continue the steroids because he is healing just not all the way like they want..he needs more time. Apparently the steroids will cause scarring and the scarring will be the mending between the broken bone parts.

Crystalyn became stressed because they put a muzzle on Thor and he has never had that (they did that the first time too), she just think it frightens him too much. She truly believes she knows how he feels and what he is going through, what his thoughts are. (to me – that is the compassion in her too)After the appointment and getting the good news from the vet that Thor is doing good…they where on their way home…of course Crystalyn notices that Thor is happy being in the car because he can stick his head out and scare people (her words) he has a HUGE head. She put on his new collar to go to the vet because she said he wanted to show off his new duds (her words). She talks to all the dogs we have like they are honest to goodness people…she tells us what they are thinking or saying to her…no she is not crazy…she just has that connection, that compassion for all living things..even the dogs. She could not wait to come home and tell me that a man parked next to our car when her dad went into a store..and this man tried very hard to get out of his car and not hit ours…but when the man lifted his head it was met with Thor’s face…that man straigtened right up with a look of terror in his face and then just smiled at Crystalyn and walked away…Crystalyn thought this was hysterical…she loves the way people react to her dog. Yet with her, Thor is a gentle giant that will not let anything or anyone hurt her if he can help it!

To me it just shows how compassionate she is  – her caring about this lug of a dog who is so big he knocks down everything in his way…but loves her to pieces and visa-versa. Now they are home and again … she is playing on her laptop with Thor by her feet…and all is well!