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Today in Soul Coaching – one of the exercises is to create a collage that shows what prosperity really means to you…to show it…because money alone does not make a person properous or wealthy…..Creating something is so much more easier for me then to type out just to explain me…so this one is up my alley!

Well the only thing (and the BEST THING) that popped into my head – was my kids – they make me rich beyond anything that money could give. As I have said more times then I can remember – my kids make my heart complete…without them – I would not be the person I am today. I also know there would be a void in my life longing to be filled. I truly did not know what total bliss was until I had my kids. Seeing the world through their eyes…experiencing life with them, through them, beside them, has made me the richest person I know!

So My collage was the most recent picture of my kids the last time we were all together (this past june)…and then digitally adding words that add to my prosperity without needing a penny. As you can see the greatest of all – the most important of all is LOVE! All of those terms – have made me rich and enriched…full of all I could ever want. When I was growing up – I thought money and fame were important and the only things that you make you weathy but I was so wrong. I have had lots of money – have had no money – have had no kids – have three kids…and my kids are my riches.

As I have said before – the greatest joy from them is hearing “I Love You Mom” OMG – just melts my heart away…now that is priceless…

Today I will THANK GOD for all my riches – my KIDS – and that will always be enough~!~

Today is the LAST DAY of fire week….this past week has made me feel better then the other two..I feel like I have discovered more about me this past week…one more week of discovery left…EARTH is next!

Today is day 21 of SOUL COACHING and day 22 of NABLOPOMO!!!


Last night – I got a creative rush and make this ATC (artist trading card) that you see. I just let things flow – I had no topic in mind – what is interesting is that this card was harder for me – I had different elements picked out – and a different quote – I was just about done – and it did not feel right – so instead of just deleting the whole thing and walking away for the night (which I do when a piece is not working for me) – I decided to stay with it and just keep adding and taking things away to see where it led me. I even changed the quote and the one on the card just popped at me to put it on……Now (as a side note) – l do not go ahead in my reading of soul coaching because any ideas or thoughts and such that come to mind I want to be fresh and not preconceived.

All this leads me to today’s topic: Exploring Your Soul Mission In Life!
One of the “excercises” in today’s chapter is to create a collage that speaks to your soul mission…well my ATC card is screaming it – to ENRICH MY SOUL – by that I would have to feed it – and in that I know it is to be CREATIVE. To find my niche in arts and pursue that. I have always thought about what is my purpose here on earth – Like how do you know when your mission is complete – honestly for a long time – I thought once my kids were out on their own – my mission was done – I raised three supreme kids and now I know it is their time to leave their mark on the world – BUT – it almost seemed that something did not feel right inside of me. Like that was not my only mission. I received my degree in health and human services and specialized in working with kids – I worked for agencies in all kinds of different positions – even owned my own day care center. I even developed a life skills program for juvenile offenders that received adult state time in prison. I really accomplished a lot…but when all that ended due to my health – I also knew deep down inside – that, only that was not my mission in life…

But now – no matter which way I turn – I am always reminded and surrounded by ways to create, art projects I want to try out/that get the creative juices just flowing with tons of ideas, new creative materials that are screaming out to me to try them. I think you get the picture. So now I know that enriching my soul through being creative is definitely my mission…I know this because of a deep feeling stirring inside me that this is the one…this is the journey – the road I should be taking…the step that will make my life complete.

As part of the “excercises” it is mentioned that you need to watch for coincidences..messages speaking to you..so subtle – WELL – that is what has been happening for a long time for me – but doing this course has made it come to the forefront of mind (and soul). Just writing about all this – the more I talk about it here – the more it feels right – brings me a renewed spirit about things…now how cool is that!

I do not have a completed mission statement but for now: I want to enrich my life through being creative and exploring all those possibilities!

This is the end of AIR week for SOUL COACHING and day 8 for NABLOPOMO.
***BTW – the post before this one has the post about the podcast link for meditating to find your muse – if you have a few minutes – DEFINITELY give it a try!***


Today is the official start for NABLOPOMO – Where people who have blogs take on the challenge to writing every day in their blog for a month. I have heard about this for the last two years – and have decided that this is the year I am going to give it a try….at the same time – I am taking a “class” in Soul Coaching..and it is everyday for the month of November. So that should help me write along every day in this blog. This blog is for my inspiration – to let my muse help me be more creative – to stretch my creativity beyond where it has been…I really am looking forward to this journey…I want to go through it all and come out renewed – fresh with ideas…screaming WOO HOO!!!

I am excited – I just want to feel okay about me – being creative – being just me – dealing with my illness and not feeling that I am less then what I used to be…I want to get out of that thinking…we will see!!!


It seems like November is moving awfully quickly….the atmosphere seems to be getting a bit chaotic in that we are trying to get ready for several things. We are trying to arrange a flight for my daughter to go visit my parents further down south for the Thanksgiving holidays…she has off for over a week so it would be nice for her to visit with family. However right now we are waiting to hear if any flights become available.

We also have heard from our son who is leaving for Japan…the army has CUT his visiting time…he has to deploy A LOT sooner…so right now it looks like he will get here and have to fly right back out after one night. He thinks he will make it here quickly but I think that is all wishful thinking. So those plans are up in the air right now…Today he graduates from AIT and he gets to leave anytime after midnight to head home. We will see what happens.

The weather has been wonderful…so nice and cool, makes it so much easier to breathe. I have made it a point of going out every day..at least for a few minutes…a great way to clear my head…and regain some balance. I have been keeping up with my art blog (FINDING MYSELF) everyday. I signed up for a challenge called ART EVERY DAY of the MONTH. So far I have managed to create something everyday. At first I really did not think I was good enough to be a part of it…I was going to wait until next year to join it..BUT no one is guaranteed a tomorrow so I joined..People have been very encouraging and supportive, and I am finding out that I can show my art and nothing bad will happen.

My hunnie right now is putting together a craft type table for me to do all my art and crafts on…I am just too excited about it…I am thinking about collaging the whole top of it then sealing it…something different – something that says me!!!

Yesterday and today I have been feeling a bit low…I am trying to fight through it all but it is driving me crazy…(right now I am refusing to give in to those dark feelings and self destructive thoughts) well hunnnie and daughter went out to run some errands and brought back some surprises for me…one being some beanie babies…(something else I have been collecting) they are absolutely adorable and two of them are primates…YAYAY! They also brought back Chinese food for lunch (my favorite) and fall angels for my collection (so very beautiful – leaves are the wings). So today I have been very spoiled and they both have succeeded in making me feel better.

Well I think I will head outside and see how it is going with putting the top on my table. Thanks for stopping by!


Finally I have a few moments to catch up on a few things…First the weather – WOW finally some fall like weather has finally hit the sunshine state. I am loving it! I can actually breathe in some fresh air without choking. It has been wonderful the last few days…I have actually been sitting outside just soaking it all in!

Hurricane Noel skirted our coast but THANK GOD for the low front that was coming in the opposite direction and forced Noel to go away..unfortunately the east coast beaches took a beating with high surfs and more beach erosion has occured, but at least NO HURRICANES…it has been the most mildest season I have ever seen in the 20 or so years I have lived here.

I have really been doing some major blog hopping and researching on creating. Almost seems you would not have to research it but you do…to find things that inspire you. I think that is what spoiled things for me…lack of inspiration…I wanted to see what inspires others to create…see what they create..what they use..the thought process…I could go on and on..but I don’t want to bore anyone..suffice it to say…I have found things to inspire me..words, pictures, art, materials…things that once again..make me want to create. So I have been working on my art blog quite a bit…researching places to sell art at, “getting the word out” sort of speak. It really has been a labor of love for me. My head has not been so obsessed with depression and feeling trapped inside myself (now my battle with severe depression has been an on going thing for several years due to finding out just how sick I am). Being depressed took away my joy…but creating is bringing it back..all this research is bringing it back, thinking of new ways to be creative is bringing it back, meeting new people in the “art” community is bringing it back…..sharing my art with other people (actually letting others seeing it) is bringing it back. Just playing with supplies, throwing things together is bringing it back. I guess you get the point. You would think (if you have never suffered from depression) that it would be so easy to find things that give you joy like your significant other, your kids, your job, your fur babies, your possessions…but it does not. It does not mean that you love your family any less or that they are not important in your life…it is just that the joy disappears from your thought process from deep within your heart it is almost impossible to make yourself feel it or experience it. Strange I am sure, to most people but not to me! I am far from being “cured” or out of that depressive state…but I can feel that joy slowly warm my heart, I can see the light in my head in that very dark tunnel in a far off distance. It feels good! So that is why feeling creative is so important to me. I have uploaded some pics of some of my work and such so please feel free to go check it out for yourself: FINDING MYSELF.

So now you know what I have been doing…as for the daughter – finally the first quarter of school is over..only 3 more to go…this also means report card time. To be honest…one grade needs improvement…she is also very confused as to why she received that grade because her main project was awesome! (she will have to speak with the teacher on monday) but she also received 3 “A’s” which I am thrilled about. She is a happy camper and it showed her that all the work was truly worth it…it was a great boost to her self esteem which is always a good thing! I am very proud of her!

The night before last my son who is stationed at Ft Campbell Kentucky IM’d me and we video chatted for a couple of hours…that was so much fun..he has a wonderful sense of humor….he could always make me laugh about anything! He has received confirmation that his vacation has been approved..so he will be home from December 18th to January 1st., so I am very excited..it will be wonderful to have him home for the holidays! My other son is still out in field…he has been out in the field for over 10 days now and will come in sometime after tomorrow…then he gets ready for graduation from AIT and then home to see us for a few days…then off to Japan.

It has been a full week with nice temps…we did have rain on and off for 4 or 5 days but we needed it since the state’s water table is 24 inches below critical. But this weekend is absolutely lovely…so I think I will go and sit out some more! Thanks for stopping by.