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Today is a day for getting rid of more clutter – I only hit a few spots – really nothing that made a difference but the part of today’s reading about mental clutter and taking time for things for yourself really hit home for me.

I need to work on getting rid of mental clutter – it is not so much schedules and that sort of thing – but with negative thoughts, self defeating thoughts, worrisome thoughts, thoughts of fears…it seems those things really invade my thought process on a constant basis. Well today I made a point to just sit and try to blank out my mind…even tho I could still hear my oxygen machine going – I noticed other things – how shallow my breath is…hmmm..how much noise there is outside our house not inside..I sit more hunched over (leaning forward) then straight up…that in the quiet of my mind – I feel okay…not great but okay – this is a positive step forward for me…

Now I couple of days ago – I actually listened to a podcast that was suggested by a sweet person I know, Leah, about finding out about your muse. Well I always wanted to find out about my muse – some doubts I was having – well I did the meditation – (perfect timing for soul coaching and finding creative time and such) and I found my muse – it is a male (WOW that shocked me – he has a BIG dog – looks like an oversized lab – I mean massive) and my muse’s name is Ron (LOLOLOL…) the name cracks me up – I know no Rons but that is the name that came to me – that I truly felt was speaking to me…I found the whole experience of that meditation to be wonderful – I am so glad I chose now to do it! It brought some things together for ome – and allowed me some time to envision beautiful things – and things that will allow me to move forward!

So I think I am definitely making a dent in my mental clutter that way – it feels like some binds have been taken away – such a feeling of freedom -Doing the happy dance here.

Today is a day to enjoy every enlightening moment~!~



Today’s topic is CLUTTER..getting rid of the clutter surrounding you. Well – I did manage to do that before writing this post – I actually cleared out my computer area/desk…you may not think that is much – however – there was enough stuff to fill a large rubbermaid tub. OMG – that felt great – however – this morning when I finally fell asleep – both my hunnie and my daughter needed to use my computer – my hunnie to read his email because his puter is out for the count – and my daughter needed to print some project of hers (she has a puter but printer is not hooked up-she lost the CD to it) and when I finally woke up – my computer again is covered in clutter – and neither of them seemed to be concerned. It is driving me nuts. I cannot use chemicals to help clean in general – heck I cannot even walk from here to the kitchen without running out of breath – but I finally felt good to clear out something – to clean something and you would never know it from looking at it…I will work on de-cluttering it again….and then I plan on working on the rest of the room of which of course they keep adding garbage and it is suffocating me.

When my desk was free from clutter – it felt good – felt free – I even have a candle near me that I keep putting in new white votive candles in to make it a peaceful area for me (thanks to scaredsuzie for that tip) – well the hunnie decided to put a box of medicine on top of that because he wanted to put his coffee mug where I had the medicine at. Very frustrating….really!!!!

My life has too much clutter which I think that is why I hold up in one room also – but slowly things are getting done. Being a packrat is a very hard habit of letting go of – and I am Queen Packrat (it was even a nick name that was given to me). Right now – I will do what I can do and get rid of clutter one step at a time – from small things like my purse – to my one shelf near my puter – to my puter desk – to my four shelves near my recliner – to my puter room – taking things one step at a time!

I want to thank you all who have dropped by and left very encouraging comments – makes my heart smile!!
**as a side note – I am following through on my praying – have already lifted up some prayers for others (none for myself) made my soul happy!!

This is my Day 4 of Soul Coaching and NaBloPoMo…PEACE!!