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So much going on and it seems not enough time to sort it all out!
First AOL is closing down their web pages and journals that their customers develop and create…I guess they no longer want to store anything because now no one has to pay for their services…so everyone (including me) were scrambling around trying to figure out what are we going to do with our journals – how do you import them into another blog service? Can that be done? What happens to all our pictures and such? you get the drift. Well AOL and Blogger got together and have arranged to import our journals (if we want) into blogger. I had already started a new journal to replace the one from AOL at blogger because really no one was sure if anything was going to work…well sure enough yesterday I received a letter that said you can import your old journal to blogger and here is how – and in about 4 clicks and under 5 minutes – 5 years of blogging pages were imported into yet another blog for me in blogger. I think I am just going to use it as an archive because I already started a new one – but now that it is imported – I can get a book made of my journal so that is a good thing!

Now that brings me to my new blog……now this blog I will be using for the book club, NABLOPOMO, Muse ideas and inspiration – things like that….I still have my art blog – FINDING MYSELF – which will remain my art blog – and now my new blog which will be my everyday blog like I had over at AOL – called – THE CRAZY LIFE….so you are more then welcome to go check it out and leave me a message there…click on follow this blog so you can keep track of me…lol and I of you! I also have relocated my inspirational story blog from AOL to Blogger. It is called – ANGELS TOUCH MY HEART – I will be posting poems, stories and quotes that are inspirational just to share with you all – things that I come across on the internet or that are sent to me….just some good soul food – if you get my drift! I know it must seem like I am blog happy and keep adding more and more blogs but in my head they all serve a purpose for me – at least it used to all make sense to me…right now I am not too sure – LOL!

My daughter and hunnie went to Universal last night for my daughter’s birthday. We gave her tickets for Halloween Horror Nights for her birthday (she is into things like that). They had a FANTASTIC time..really went crazy and covered the entire park – that is too much for me – I was a happy camper staying home with the dogs and vegging out in front of the TV watching some college football!

Did I mention yet that I am taking part in a book club/coaching type of thing online? It is based on the book that is listed in my sidebar. Soul Coaching. I ordered the book and it arrived 3 days later – we are starting it Nov 1st…it is a 4 week class. I am so excited – I think this is precisely what I need to help me get out of the cloud of depression I have been under – at least get me on the road to recovery…taking this step is HUGE for me…but I really want to do it! Well more about it all later – I will be referring to the book and posting here about whatever and wherever the book takes me…I know that may not make sense but it will when the time comes!

Well I think that is enough catching up for now – Thanks for stopping by – PEACE!!


Well I have finally started getting a bit organized with my pages and have created my business card page…you can find it here: BUSINESS CARD DIVA.

Right now I do not have any cards uploaded because I am still trying to sort through what I can and cannot use…but hopefully this weekend I will put a dent in it. Definitely check it out and let me know what you think. I have also updated my personal blog that I have had for over 4 years..feel free to check it out here: ELLIE’S CRAZY LIFE

Finally I have updated my art blog…I have been amusing myself by playing with digital painting. I am not very good at it but at least it keeps my head busy and keeps the creative juices flowing. Feel free to check it out here: FINDING MYSELF.

Well today we hope to watch some great college football, maybe even play with some art. All this organizing really has made me exhausted…LOL!



Well today we made the reservation for our son to fly back to Arizona once his visit here is over…he will have to “hang out” at the airport in Arizona for about 8 hours or so before flying out to Japan. Apparently the army has a army representative there at the airport where he will arrange sleeping quarters at or near the airport so that soldiers can get some sleep and rest up before continuing on with their trip. So all we have to do is get him there. He should start driving here around November 9th. He is driving here because he is bringing his car home..the army suggested that he store the car somewhere in california but that is useless because they do not start it for you…or maintain the car..if the car is here..then we will start it up a couple of times a week…drive it around the block..and make sure it stays safe. Right now he has to return to Arizona on November 17th. His flight to Japan leaves out very early on the 18th. So we booked his flight from Orlando.

The weather here is still too warm for my liking…I realize that Florida does not have your normal four seasons….but it is already the end of October and still the temps are in the 90’s and the humidity has not gone down enough. We are also 24 inches below in our rainfall…so it is going to be a very dry and crispy “winter” which usually leads to a lot of sporadic fires. I am really shocked at the fires in California. That is just so devastating…my prayers are with all those families…

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my blogs and how to organize everything. I already have a personal blog at aol…but it is EXTREMELY limited on what you can have in your blog..basic pictures and text and some widgets from technorati..but nothing major. It also seems that people outside of the aol community cannot leave comments if they do not have an aol screen name…which I think just limits it more. I do like wordpress so far. It has taken some getting used to ..but I like it. I am just trying to figure out in which direction to go.

Well if I come up with any more interesting thoughts (cough cough!!) I shall return!