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Last night – I got a creative rush and make this ATC (artist trading card) that you see. I just let things flow – I had no topic in mind – what is interesting is that this card was harder for me – I had different elements picked out – and a different quote – I was just about done – and it did not feel right – so instead of just deleting the whole thing and walking away for the night (which I do when a piece is not working for me) – I decided to stay with it and just keep adding and taking things away to see where it led me. I even changed the quote and the one on the card just popped at me to put it on……Now (as a side note) – l do not go ahead in my reading of soul coaching because any ideas or thoughts and such that come to mind I want to be fresh and not preconceived.

All this leads me to today’s topic: Exploring Your Soul Mission In Life!
One of the “excercises” in today’s chapter is to create a collage that speaks to your soul mission…well my ATC card is screaming it – to ENRICH MY SOUL – by that I would have to feed it – and in that I know it is to be CREATIVE. To find my niche in arts and pursue that. I have always thought about what is my purpose here on earth – Like how do you know when your mission is complete – honestly for a long time – I thought once my kids were out on their own – my mission was done – I raised three supreme kids and now I know it is their time to leave their mark on the world – BUT – it almost seemed that something did not feel right inside of me. Like that was not my only mission. I received my degree in health and human services and specialized in working with kids – I worked for agencies in all kinds of different positions – even owned my own day care center. I even developed a life skills program for juvenile offenders that received adult state time in prison. I really accomplished a lot…but when all that ended due to my health – I also knew deep down inside – that, only that was not my mission in life…

But now – no matter which way I turn – I am always reminded and surrounded by ways to create, art projects I want to try out/that get the creative juices just flowing with tons of ideas, new creative materials that are screaming out to me to try them. I think you get the picture. So now I know that enriching my soul through being creative is definitely my mission…I know this because of a deep feeling stirring inside me that this is the one…this is the journey – the road I should be taking…the step that will make my life complete.

As part of the “excercises” it is mentioned that you need to watch for coincidences..messages speaking to you..so subtle – WELL – that is what has been happening for a long time for me – but doing this course has made it come to the forefront of mind (and soul). Just writing about all this – the more I talk about it here – the more it feels right – brings me a renewed spirit about things…now how cool is that!

I do not have a completed mission statement but for now: I want to enrich my life through being creative and exploring all those possibilities!

This is the end of AIR week for SOUL COACHING and day 8 for NABLOPOMO.
***BTW – the post before this one has the post about the podcast link for meditating to find your muse – if you have a few minutes – DEFINITELY give it a try!***



To Breathe – One of my favorite subjects – since my illness does not allow me to breathe so easily – actually I strain to breatheĀ  each and every breath – this is a topic near and dear to my heart!

There was a suggestion in soul coaching to open your windows or go outside and take in a breath of fresh air – to do that every day – start your day that way – and I think I will do that – the main portion of our house is wide open to the outdoors (screens of course) so we always have fresh air flowing – living in the sunshine state lets you do that. The room that is my hideaway – where I sleep and have my puter and such – the hub of the house sort of, has an air conditioner in the window (so that I always have cool air to breathe in) so opening a window in the room I most occupy is not an option…but I can swing going outside at the start of my days and taking in a fresh breath of cool air – especially our mornings as of late. The mornings have been wonderful – even if the days are getting warm – the mornings are still cool – my favorite time.

I love cool fresh air – the beginnings of winter – because I can breathe so much easier…it almost makes my lungs happy – and relieved. Also – at least once a day – I am lightening incense or scented candles in my room – the aroma is perfect – not overwhelming and almost makes me feel relaxed-tranquil. I also love the look of candles burning – they add their own attitude to the room. Lately I have been leaning towards more classical music (since that is what I used to play on the piano when I was MUCH younger) but with a twist like BOND – these 4 women from Europe can play classical music with such a twist it just makes your head swim in dreams – I love it – and since I need to shut off the news from playing constantly in my little hub – listening to their positive and powerful beautiful music will ease my mind.

Having to live, using oxygen, on a constant basis, is not my idea of breathing the natural way – I so look forward to just having those few moments to myself to breathe in real fresh air to start my day off on a good note. Truly I never thought of doing that on my own – never thought of how much a positive impact it could have in my life – very cool!

I am still working on being surrounded by words that inspire me – I will let you know what I come up with – for me it has to be something creative!
This is my day 2 of soul coaching and day 2 of NABLOPOMO….another brave step!