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5 Minutes For Mom is giving away a book all about some helpful tips and hints regarding parenting…I know as a parent – that every once in a while – it is helpful to read something to help you along at some critical moments you might face.

Here is a bit of the blurb about it: Parenting Power in the Early Years is just that–the confidence resource for all who find themselves raising a newborn to kindergartner! Covering from how to be a successful parent, when to start solid foods, when to begin toilet teaching, and how to handle tantrums or biting, to knowing if a child is ready for kindergarten, speaker and author Brenda Nixon offers quick, practical guidance.

Anyway – you can go to 5 Minutes For Mom and enter the Give away yourself – a gift for yourself!!!


This is a very different kind of give away prize that 5 Minutes For Mom is offering.
It is A Family Box  Of Dinner Questions…a little box that you pull out questions to get the family talking, sharing at  family meals, coming up with ideas together..here is what their website THE BOX GIRLS has to say:

“The box of questions was designed to help you connect with your loved ones during the holiday season in a more meaningful way. This year exchange ideas, dialogue, and bond with your family and friends like never before.”

Well read more about it at 5 Minutes For Mom and sign up for the give away…sounds like a great way to share at the family meal!