I have always been creative. When I was MUCH younger I used to write poems and quotes and decorate around the words with doodles. I used to love creating fancy handwriting “fonts” to write a poem in. I eventually received a certification in calligraphy and then wrote poems like that on parchment paper and giving those away as gifts. I always loved painting however never really pursued it.

My brother was so much better at it(painting) it seemed to be his creative outlet. I loved working in clay and can remember all the bowls and ashtrays, and pots for plants and mugs I made, painting them and giving them as gifts. I remember my mom teaching me how to knit and knitting a scarf for my dad who wore it proudly for years (it was long and yellow and kept his neck very warm).

I remember learning macrame and making hanging plant holders and belts.

I remember learning how to do needlepoint in Girl Scouts to earn the badge and decorating a pillow case as my project.

I remember discovering hook rugging and loving it and creating lots of rugs for gifts. (I still do)

HOWEVER…my parents really were not ones to push the creativeness so much to the foreground that you would ever consider doing it to earn money for a living.

They believed in pursuing a degree and working in a field of your choice and earning money like that, like most of the work force.

But of course, that creative muse was ALWAYS screaming to come out again. I finally had my own business (owning and running a daycare center)(early childhood education was the degree I received) and my creativeness got to peek out a bit, designing bulletin boards, parent newsletters, games, posters, projects to keep the kids busy, contests etc.

But I had to give up the business…the economy was NOT kind..and I had to go to work in “the real world”. I became a counselor for the state prison system…I loved the work and in that job I got to develop a Life Skills program for Juvenile offenders. So again my creative muse got to play for a couple of years. However, I became terminally sick and have been homebound ever since. I was forced to retire medically and try to adjust to a whole new kind of life of being sick…WELL after feeling sorry for myself for a very long time and trying to get my life back in order…my creative muse started speaking to me again..and now I am going full force…it was slow going at first..but NOW I refuse to give up on a life full of creativity and exploring.

So I created a blog to show off things I am creating…to share my story here..and to learn about the artist in me.

Just Click On The Graphic Below..and discover the what the artist in me is screaming to say:


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