Today’s topic in Soul Coaching is Creating a Future…there was a point during the last few years of being sick that you could NOT get me to even imagine the future…I just did not see one. But I have discovered (on days that I am not in a depressive fog) that I need to think in different terms of the future…for me it is not GRAND ideas or plans…BUT baby steps – steps to get back to where I am living life as complete as possible because I can. Not letting the sickness take that away. Even if it is in the little things!

I do not have to imagine a house because I am living in my dream house. It needs a lot of work…but it is home and personally I cannot see giving it up for anything…we raised our children here…the neighborhood is nice…we are all in a bit of corner in our area….a little community. We know if something looks out of place or who is where…it is nice!

We live about 25 minutes west of the beaches – LOVE THOSE BEACHES…so I have no intention of giving them up. I can see the miracle of launches from the Kennedy space center from my front yard…AMAZING!!!
I have my pond – so dreamy. I am close enough to main stores to jump in the car and I am there in less then 20 minutes (with traffic-lol) and live far enough away that I can get away from all that of congestion.

What I see/want in my future is

  • to get my craft room set up…to really have it in just a way that I can sit for hours and create and not worry about getting up and down and chase things all over..
  • to actually go outside. I would say once a day or once a week – but I don’t want to disappoint myself but to dream I would say once a day – if anything just to take a look out the front yard and take in a deep breathe of the day.
  • To go out to the store(s) at least once a month – to just get out there with my family – not necessarily to buy anything – just to be out!
  • To have my children home all together at the same time – just to visit us!
  • to go motorcycle riding with my hunnie again – to buy a new motorcycle and just ride the roads
  • to take a cruise with my hunnie ( a real vacation)-we have never been on a vacation
  • to launch my etsy store with goodies I have created -I know it will be successful
  • to get the repairs done on my house (new kitchen, new roof, new puter room etc)

I so look forward to the future and what it holds – that is saying VOLUMES because for a long time I saw no future…so I know 2009 will be WONDERFUL!!

Today I will dream of my future and live it too!!

Today is day 27 of SOUL COACHING and day 28 of NABLOPOMO.



  1. It’s so wonderful to read how much of what you have is exactly what you want – yay!! And cheers to creating these beautiful new additions to your precious life. You can do it!


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