Today’s topic in Soul Coaching is having a home for your soul. I will have to say that I owe this to my mom.
Without me even realizing it – my mom was always bringing nature into our home, while I was growing up. As much as furniture is part of the decor of a house – my mother always filled our house with plants – plants everywhere of all kinds, sizes and colors. I truly thought that this was the norm. Come to find out it was a healthy addition to our home and it brought the beautiful outdoors inside no matter what the weather was outside!

Well I have a few plants that can survive in my house ( due to dogs)…but I have been more towards sounds….Like yesterday’s entry – The sound of the Ocean just thrives in my home. I love the peaceful atmosphere that it creates. The other thing that I just love (again adding a bit of nature to my home) is water fountains…That is my new fascination….my kids one year created a pond right outside my dinning room window…it is wonderful. There have been hundreds of times that I have just sat and listened to water fountain in the pond…it is just the sweetest sound…so in some way I wanted to bring that into my home. So we have table top models of water fountains in our home – just to hear that water flowing when you are sitting near by.

The picture is of the pond that my kids made for me…it is right below our dinning room windows and the sound is just awesome to listen to.

The other sound that is wonderful to have in a home is a fish tank…it is proven that fish tanks provide a natural calming affect to a home…first by the sound of the water going through the pumps…but more importantly – watching the fish. It is better then TV….very entertaining and calming and fun!!! We always have tanks going…

So I think every home should have some form of nature inside – I think our minds need it – our hearts will reap the benefits of it…and our souls will grow from it! Just imagine sitting on your couch and putting a cd in of ocean sounds and sipping away at your tea or coffee or hot chocolate and just relaxing…guareenteed the day’s troubles/worries will melt away and your stress level will go down and your body and mind can become rejuvenated naturally.

Today I will take time to enjoy nature both inside and outside my HOME…because I am home with nature!

Today is day26 for SOUL COACHING and day 27 for NABLOPOMO!


3 responses to “A HOME FOR THE SOUL

  1. Water fountains, thanks for reminding me! I love that pond too!

  2. Just reading your post put me in a state of calm, as my mind reached for places I can put a fountain or a small fish tank! Thank you Ellie! 🙂

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