This is a subject I have always been interested in since I became sick – because of the amount of medications I have to take. I started out on some VERY heavy steroids…I have never heard anything good about taking steroids but without them I would have surely died long ago – they have stimulated my lungs to keep going…like all my specialists have said – what steroids can help is about a paragraph long but what it can destroy/bad side effects is a book long. That is so true!

I gave up taking any psych meds because it was driving me crazy to walk around like a zombieĀ  – totally medicated every which way…and something controlling my mind did not sound right to me…. I felt like I was losing control of the me inside with all these medications – and what is worse – my body was showing the wear and tear on it….but because I could not really “detoxify” my body fully because those meds would always be inside me – I thought I would at least eliminate some meds that were not life sustaining. Also the pysch doctor that was provided for me – said I would be on the meds for the rest of my mind – that I will not be getting better – NOW THAT IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. So those meds were gone! So was the doctor!

The only reason I mention all this is because I know my body is being poisoned by all these meds…I have no doubt….but the dry brushing my skin that Denise mentions is so interesting to me because I have been doing that a lot lately (especially the last month or so). My skin gets very very dry because of the steroids..(yet another side effect)…dry to the point that sores develop..just crazy…but it also causes it to be itchy….and I noticed that my skin seems to be flakey a lot more now – so I found this ever so soft brush and have been brushing (scratching my skin) with it….IT IS HEAVEN. Instead of scratching with my fingers which I think is not always good and seems to cause more problems – this little brush is wonderful and my skin does not get irritated…and afterward it almost seems stimulated – like it is alive sort of thing.

Now I did not realize that you should take a shower right afterward – I have not – but now that it is suggested – I think I will try that – and I am thrilled to have found a way to detoxify my body without touching the remaining meds I take.

Today – I will make the outside of my body feel refreshed and this will refresh the inside!

Today is day 23 of SOUL COACHING and day 24 of NABLOPOMO!!


2 responses to “BODY DETOX

  1. How wonderful the dry brushing is such a gift to you! Here’s to taking out all the value and support of the meds and releasing any toxins that remain.

  2. I have a cat that would be dead without her prednisone, and yet we do deal with alot of side effects too. I feel for you. I think it is very healthy the way you are balancing the gifts of western medicine with the detox ideas. And yes, doesn’t the brush feel great? I have dry skin this time of year, and it was like a nice scratch without scratching!

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