Today starts EARTH WEEK….I look forward to what lies ahead – I am so fascinated by the earth – the flowers, trees, mountains, the smells, the oceans…just fantastic…

Today we are suppose to think about taking care of ourselves – our bodies…well since I am engulfed in doctors and medications – I am skipping the go to a doctor part and get a physical – and going right to giving up something to better your health.

I am cheating on this – because I have already given it up – but I wanted to mention it here because I think if other people who smoke see it – they will feel like maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In January of this year….I just dropped out of sight from every one and everything – (except of course my hunnie and daughter)…I was just NOT feeling well at all….my body was sending me signals – and it was scaring me.

So I took care of me – got TONS of rest. Only ate what my body REALLY wanted. (mostly just soup or just toast or a bagel – very light). Well that lasted for a week maybe more and then one day I just woke up and thought to myself that I just did not want to smoke a cigarette anymore…not because of my lungs, or because I was in pain (I was not at the time), just because the desire left me. I just did not want one more cigarette. I have been smoking since I was 17. Never thought I would give it up…I always said to myself that It was the only vice I had – so to me that was great. So I STOPPED…as the saying goes COLD TURKEY. I did not tell my family I stopped – they just assumed they had not seen me smoke because I was not feeling well and sleeping alot….I wanted to get a week or two under my belt. Well my hunnie turned around one day and asked if I needed cigarettes – he was going to the store…that is when I broke the news to him…his eyes got huge and he screamed YES…that is GREAT!!!!!

After that moment he would not leave his cigarettes around for temptation…and no matter what he would not buy me any more and did not even talk about it to me. Well he watched me – to see if I smoked – to see if I asked him for cigarettes – etc – and then in early April I think – he just QUIT smoking! He announced that it had been a few days since he has had one….WOW – could not believe it – I was so thrilled for him.

So now we are both NON SMOKERS and it has been wonderful!!! He gave it up because I could – he said I inspired him – now how cool is that!! It shocked our kids beyond anything – my daughter knew it to be true because she still lives at home but our boys had to see it for themselves. (they both smoke – they blame it on the army life – because of the stress and lack of anything else)…so now they know they cannot smoke in our house and that definitely has them confused…lol

Truthfully I think quitting is the greatest gift I could give myself…it is a relief – and a new found freedom!
So yes it is a bit of cheating for today’s exercise – but It really had such an impact on me – that I wanted to share it for Earth Week. i also wanted to relay that I never realized until this past January that you can really listen to your body and it will tell you what it wants and needs….a year ago you could not convince me of that…I find it all interesting!

Today – I will listen more to my body and rejoice in it getting better!!

Today is day 22 of SOUL COACHING and day 23 of NABLOPOMO.



  1. Congratulations! That was a big move. It’s amazing that the whole chain of events started with you responding to the signals your body was giving. It’s awesome to see all the changes and their impact!

  2. How nice to have / be such a supportive partner. 🙂

  3. That’s amazing, and the fact that by listening to your body, it sounds like it was actually easy (dare I say?) and then your husband too! Congratulations to both of you.

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