***I just wanted to mention something about yesterday’s entry about dying….I am deeply touched by the beautiful comments that people have left me – I wish I felt as strong as you all wrote….I am not that “strong” on a daily basis….there are many days that I am scared out of my mind – terrified really and all I can do is cry…but yesterday – I wrote how I felt yesterday – for the moment and I Thank you all for making me feel more then what I was feeling myself***

Today’s SOUL COACHING chapter is about random acts of kindness…it could be in any form….as little as a smile or as major as paying a bill. Now I love this topic because my hunnie and I have done this many times – and it all started because someone did it for us…so we have gone through drive thrus and paid for coffee for behind us and/or doughnuts (we do not have a starbucks but we have dunkin dougnuts)..or we leave all the change at convenient stores so that someone else can use it in case they do not have it.

These little things really make me feel wonderful…especially when I was out there going to the stores and all. Now I have had to change tactics a bit…..Usually when I get on the phone with companies that I have to pay bills at or whatever – like the electric company – I make a great effort to make the customer service person laugh – giggle – whatever!!! Makes me feel great – because I am sure that people who have called in about their bills and such – some may not have been as nice or not patient and have taken their frustrations out on the person….but since I cannot see them in person – I do try to make them laugh – I have found a few times – that someone who has started off in a nasty mood when they got to me on the phone – hung up afterwards laughing or wishing me a happy day or whatever – you can just tell from the sound of their voice that they are a tiny bit better since you spoke to them….how great!!!!

I think it is a very empowering feeling – that such simple acts like a smile or a chuckle can transform someone’s day – it rings true that it is just like the butterfly effect in some ways – to me – it makes me feel like your heart can grow from it!

I will say that I owe wanting to make others smile or laugh from my hunnie. He has a GREAT sense of humor – he loves loves loves to make others laugh – make them feel at ease – it is just so natural of him…so I have taken those cues from him…a bit of his style – and that is why I can do it now – just by his actions he has taught me something wonderful!!! I also think – my daughter has gotten that from him – she has a wild sense of humor and LOVES to make friends and those around her laugh – just being goofy – she feels it makes people just plain feel good and to forget, even for a little while – the test they were worried about or all the homework or the craziness at home or whatever – so I think my hunnie has been contagious that way…LOL

Today – I will smile – I will giggle – and things will be brighter!!

Today is day 20 for SOUL COACHING and day 21 for NABLOPOMO.



  1. Laughter is the best gift! Thank you for being you! 🙂

  2. Giggling is powerful! It’s so true. I think because it is so very infectious and beautiful. I must work on my sense of humour, great idea.

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