I like today’s chapter of Soul Coaching – it is taking risks – but one of the exercises is to have fun!!
Just so happens that yesterday and today’s mornings – early – when everyone else is asleep – I have been having some fun – just in my little corner. I have put on my mp3 player ear plugs – cranked up the sound and sang out loud along to some of my favorite tunes….I even bounced around in my little chair.

It kept my feet tapping, butt jiggling…singing out of tune me – HAPPY! I love having some time to myself to just have some silly fun…where I will not bother anyone, and no one has to hear my off tune singing! When I get in these silly moods – It seems I can blog easier, create easier, put together ideas easier. Maybe because my mind is not engulfed in worry or negative patterns…and it is feeling free and then everything just flows. When my kids were growing up – I used to put on my meatloaf CD (Bat Out Of Hell) and crank up the tunes – and the kids and I used to scream sing to it all – we would laugh…and see who would remember all the words to the songs we played…and who could “air drum” and “air piano” to it all right along with the beat. I used to LOVE doing that with them…and to this day…if my kids are around and they hear the song Paradise By The Dashboard Lights come on – they come running into the puter room and start singing along…like it is just a natural thing to do.

So when I am by myself – scream singing during the late night hours…jiggling my butt….playing the “air drums” – those times spent with my kids – pop into my mind and all I can do is LAUGH…it immediately lifts my spirits…makes everything seem okay for the moment.

Today – I will feel WONDERFUL scream singing for fun~!~

This is my day 16 of SOUL COACHING and day 17 of NABLOPOMO!!


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