One of my most favorite topics – gratitude – being thankful for what you have – yep that is today’s topic in Soul Coaching! I have found that when I am in pain – or having a really bad day because of my health I forget those things for which I should be very grateful for. When I go through a “bout” of depression – the kind that you cannot even communicate with me – I forget about being grateful for anything. It is a battle for me at times to remember those things – to keep a positive attitude about those things that I am truly grateful for!

I am getting better tho – not perfect – but I am starting to see things that I did not notice before – that I am very grateful/thankful for – this has allowed me to look at the world just a little bit different – and it has been nice! So here are some prime things I am so very grateful for:

  • my hunnie – who makes my soul complete on so many levels – he makes me laugh when he thinks things are getting too intense for me – he tries – at everything – he loves me unconditionally no matter what – it amazes me!
  • my children – who complete my heart – hearing those precious words of “I love you mom” make the world seem beautiful, they all can make me laugh – all are independent and open minded – I love their zest for life and what lies ahead!
  • my dogs – who protect me because they want to – and give love unconditionally also – love to see wagging tails.
  • for cool air – breathing is a dream in cool air – love it!!
  • for the sounds of the ocean – makes me feel dreamy – and like my problems can just be washed away and taken by the waves out to the ocean!
  • for days that I wake up without pain
  • for days that I can breathe like a normal person
  • for the sun in my face – feels refreshing
  • for music – the kind that gets your toes tapping – your booty shaking – bopping up and down in your seat – makes you feel good kind of music
  • for the sweet true friends I have met on the internet – each touching my life – leaving their marks in my life – allowing me to be me
  • for TV (strange but true) I love watching sports, poker, discovery programs and even some game shows – just because I am home a lot by myself – so it kind of keeps me company.
  • art – creating it, thinking of it, being inspired by it, touching it, looking at it…you get the idea!
  • for my puter – it is my contact with the outside world – I love it!!!
  • for waking up each morning – it means I have been given another day to enjoy life here!
  • for faith – it gives me an inner strength!

I am sure I could go on and on – but the ones I have mentioned above – are the ones that mean the most to me right now – that are influencing my life now!

Today I will be THANKFUL for every second I have in the here and now!

This is my day 13 in SOUL COACHING and day 14 NABLOPOMO!



  1. Blessed be, Ellie 🙂

    Your beauty and love shines through in your post. May the Universe’s healing wash over you! 🙂

  2. So much to be thankful for.

  3. Thank you for sharing your gratitude list and what a beautiful list it is. I too love the sounds of the ocean. May many blessings continue to present themselves. Blessings, Nicole x

  4. Ellie – This is unsolicited advice, so ignore if it doesn’t sound true. I too struggle with depression and read that people who are depressed and took time each evening before bed to write down 3 good things they were grateful for that day (no matter how small or how hard they had to look for things) that this made a huge difference in the depression at the end of a 6 week study. I do it now, and I am not sure how much of a difference it makes, but I believe it helps some.

    Even if that sounds like hooey to you, you have a beautiful gratitude list.

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