Today’s topic for Soul Coaching is to learn how to just be still, do nothing, take some time out.
There used to be a time in my life that I never thought I would stop. But staying busy busy busy was, to me, a good thing. Going to work, getting kids off to school, making sure homework got done, dinner, errands, school events, etc etc…it made me feel alive.

Then I became ill and all that forward motion was suddenly haulted. What a MAJOR SHOCK to my system. To my way of thinking. Stopping for me meant to just wither away and die. To stop living!
But I have come to learn – that is not the case….sometimes it is the most healthiest thing you can do – to just stop. Clear your mind, stop being involved in the craziness outside your comfort zone (sort of speak). Running around and trying to do everything for everyone and anyone.

Well lately I have had some moments of feeling overwhelmed – and many sleepless nights trying to figure out what is the next step – what to do – how to fix things, what to do next. Sometimes the sleepless nights are because of the depression but sometimes I know they are from my mind not being able to relax, that my body is so stressed from trying to stay on top of things or whatever the case may be – that sleep does not happen at all.
Well today – I just sat….while hunnie and daughter went out…I say and listened to quiet (for some reason the dogs cooperated) and believe it or not…I SLEPT. Now this may not be what the chapter today is about…but my body was looking for a BE STILL kind of day…a day where my body was not worrying…that it was doing nothing…and I slept. Now when I got up – I was a bit upset with myself that I slept a lot of the day away…but then I realized how much my body needed it…that I actually made my mind still and my body took advantage of that. Since I woke up – I have much more energy (more then yesterday)…my speech is calmer, I am more relax about getting some things done this evening…WOW…it feels good…I guess my body and mind knew I needed that sleep – and once I let the rush of being still take over – everything else fell into place!

When I woke up my daughter was upset over something about the dogs – they drive her crazy also – they are always underfoot with her. I think it is because they think she is their playmate…lol. Because I was calm and my speech was slower and calm – her bad mood quickly dissipated. She soon was laughing and forgot all about the dogs….I rubbed on her arm – and asked her to just breathe for a second or two – and things were good. This is a good thing – No craziness in my comfort zone right now – no drama….I was able to do nothing and became re-energized.

Today I will let the universe offer me peace and quiet!

Today is day 12 of SOUL COACHING and day 13 of NABLOPOMO.


3 responses to “BE STILL – DO NOTHING

  1. What a great day – and we all deserved a rest! Glad you got all the sleep you need.

  2. Amazing how positive taking the time to rest can be! That happens with me too Ellie. Illness teaches us to take care of ourselves. When we resist it, we make things so much worse. And look, you’re teaching your daughter to be calm and move on and find laughter again. Beautiful!

  3. Hooray for your long nap! Naps definitely change my perspective on life, and how wonderful that you shared your change of perspective with your daughter. I’ve been reading a lot about the “busy busy” factor. Some people thrive on rushing everywhere and screaming “I’m so busy!” but sometimes they are busy with small, pointless things that aren’t making their lives better. The moments with you sleeping, listening to your body, connecting to your daughter…these are the important moments, I think. 🙂

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