Today’s topic in Soul Coaching is Juicers and Zappers…people and/or things that juice/add energy to your day/life….and zappers that zap/drain the energy from your day/life.

When I read the chapter about it – I already was forming lists in my head about these things!

  • ZAPPER – trying to stay on top of getting my house in order/fixed up
  • ZAPPER – trying to stop the dogs from destroying everything in sight
  • ZAPPER – talking to my brother – who treats everyone like they are beneath him…(we only talk 2-3 times a year)
  • ZAPPER – ex-sister in law keeps wanting and wanting, always wants favors – does nothing for anyone
  • ZAPPER – trying to make everyone happy all the time
  • ZAPPER – ignoring how I feel and putting other people’s feelings before my own
  • ZAPPER – not speaking my mind (usually with loved ones) so I wind up ignoring how I feel and what I want and need
  • ZAPPER – having to stay on top of bills and timelines
  • ZAPPER – having a bad/painful day because of my health
  • ZAPPER – having my mind consumed by the fog and darkness of depression
  • ZAPPER – arguing/disagreements with my hunnie or daughter
  • JUICERS – when my art work flows – ideas becoming reality
  • JUICERS – just creating
  • JUICERS – my hunnie surprising with whatever it may be (I love surprises)
  • JUICERS – when I hear my kids say I LOVE YOU MOM (heaven)
  • JUICERS – getting hugs for no reason – just because
  • JUICERS – watching football
  • JUICERS – sitting outside by our fire pit and enjoying the cool evenings during the winter
  • JUICERS – riding anywhere with my hunnie on a motorcycle (heaven)
  • JUICERS – people commenting – telling how something I wrote about made them feel or what they thought about something I said – good or bad – feedback is a stepping stone in growth.
  • JUICERS – the sound of waves at the beach
  • JUICERS – sitting outside in the spring time feeling the sun on my face – breathing – just breathing
  • JUICERS – listening to music that makes you tap your feet or shake your booty
  • JUICERS – my hunnie making me laugh
  • JUICERS – my daughter and I just giggling/laughing away at silly things we make up

I just have to fill my life with more JUICERS then ZAPPERS – more laughing, more listening to music, more listening to waves, more sun in my face, saying NO when I really need to.
Less worrying, when those negative/depressive thoughts enter my mind – scream – yell – clear my mind – think of something wonderful. I think I can definitely add more JUICERS and minimize my ZAPPERS.

I deserve to have my life engulfed in JUICERS!!!

Today is day 10 of SOUL COACHING and day 11 of NABLOPOMO


5 responses to “JUICERS AND ZAPPERS

  1. Oh yes. I LOVE the sound of the waves. All water sounds really (well, except the flooded basement sounds). Such a simple thing, wave noises, yet so refreshing.

  2. “not speaking my mind (usually with loved ones) so I wind up ignoring how I feel and what I want and need “…I agree that that´s a big zapper. Why is it so hard to do?

  3. I love the way you colour coded the zappers/juicers. It totally brought the energy to life.

    May your day be full of juice!

  4. You definitely sound empathic to me. A lot of your unhappiness I bet comes from others. Have you seen any of my posts on cleansings? Look under my labels. I’m planning a group cleansing at the new moon, want to join me?

  5. “I love you Mom:” Can there be a better juicer than that? I lot of your zappers would zap me too. ANd your juicers are heavenly! I really enjoyed reading you post! 🙂

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