Last night – I got a creative rush and make this ATC (artist trading card) that you see. I just let things flow – I had no topic in mind – what is interesting is that this card was harder for me – I had different elements picked out – and a different quote – I was just about done – and it did not feel right – so instead of just deleting the whole thing and walking away for the night (which I do when a piece is not working for me) – I decided to stay with it and just keep adding and taking things away to see where it led me. I even changed the quote and the one on the card just popped at me to put it on……Now (as a side note) – l do not go ahead in my reading of soul coaching because any ideas or thoughts and such that come to mind I want to be fresh and not preconceived.

All this leads me to today’s topic: Exploring Your Soul Mission In Life!
One of the “excercises” in today’s chapter is to create a collage that speaks to your soul mission…well my ATC card is screaming it – to ENRICH MY SOUL – by that I would have to feed it – and in that I know it is to be CREATIVE. To find my niche in arts and pursue that. I have always thought about what is my purpose here on earth – Like how do you know when your mission is complete – honestly for a long time – I thought once my kids were out on their own – my mission was done – I raised three supreme kids and now I know it is their time to leave their mark on the world – BUT – it almost seemed that something did not feel right inside of me. Like that was not my only mission. I received my degree in health and human services and specialized in working with kids – I worked for agencies in all kinds of different positions – even owned my own day care center. I even developed a life skills program for juvenile offenders that received adult state time in prison. I really accomplished a lot…but when all that ended due to my health – I also knew deep down inside – that, only that was not my mission in life…

But now – no matter which way I turn – I am always reminded and surrounded by ways to create, art projects I want to try out/that get the creative juices just flowing with tons of ideas, new creative materials that are screaming out to me to try them. I think you get the picture. So now I know that enriching my soul through being creative is definitely my mission…I know this because of a deep feeling stirring inside me that this is the one…this is the journey – the road I should be taking…the step that will make my life complete.

As part of the “excercises” it is mentioned that you need to watch for coincidences..messages speaking to subtle – WELL – that is what has been happening for a long time for me – but doing this course has made it come to the forefront of mind (and soul). Just writing about all this – the more I talk about it here – the more it feels right – brings me a renewed spirit about things…now how cool is that!

I do not have a completed mission statement but for now: I want to enrich my life through being creative and exploring all those possibilities!

This is the end of AIR week for SOUL COACHING and day 8 for NABLOPOMO.
***BTW – the post before this one has the post about the podcast link for meditating to find your muse – if you have a few minutes – DEFINITELY give it a try!***


3 responses to “SOUL MISSION IN LIFE

  1. Their day it’s best to go with the flow. The what I been doing the last few days not stressing my self out and things are going a lot smoother.

    Coffee is on.

  2. I agree with you Ellie – I don’t think we have just one soul mission in life. It makes perfect sense that we have more than one thing to do while we’re here and we should grow and change and adapt, just as you have done. I love your artwork for this day! Here’s to a fantastic upcoming water week.

  3. You enrich us all, Ellie!

    Enjoy enriching your soul through art! Delicious!

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