Today is a day for getting rid of more clutter – I only hit a few spots – really nothing that made a difference but the part of today’s reading about mental clutter and taking time for things for yourself really hit home for me.

I need to work on getting rid of mental clutter – it is not so much schedules and that sort of thing – but with negative thoughts, self defeating thoughts, worrisome thoughts, thoughts of fears…it seems those things really invade my thought process on a constant basis. Well today I made a point to just sit and try to blank out my mind…even tho I could still hear my oxygen machine going – I noticed other things – how shallow my breath is… much noise there is outside our house not inside..I sit more hunched over (leaning forward) then straight up…that in the quiet of my mind – I feel okay…not great but okay – this is a positive step forward for me…

Now I couple of days ago – I actually listened to a podcast that was suggested by a sweet person I know, Leah, about finding out about your muse. Well I always wanted to find out about my muse – some doubts I was having – well I did the meditation – (perfect timing for soul coaching and finding creative time and such) and I found my muse – it is a male (WOW that shocked me – he has a BIG dog – looks like an oversized lab – I mean massive) and my muse’s name is Ron (LOLOLOL…) the name cracks me up – I know no Rons but that is the name that came to me – that I truly felt was speaking to me…I found the whole experience of that meditation to be wonderful – I am so glad I chose now to do it! It brought some things together for ome – and allowed me some time to envision beautiful things – and things that will allow me to move forward!

So I think I am definitely making a dent in my mental clutter that way – it feels like some binds have been taken away – such a feeling of freedom -Doing the happy dance here.

Today is a day to enjoy every enlightening moment~!~



3 responses to “LIGHTENING UP

  1. How neat to find your muse! Would you share the podcast with the rest of us? I’d love to find my muse. I want to do the happy dance too!

  2. How wonderful to connect with your muse! What a powerful relationship to have.

    And yes, please, it would be wonderfu if you would share the podcast.

  3. Fascinating! I’d love to hear that podcast and isn’t it interesting your muse is male?! I’m glad you managed to do this meditation, sounds like you needed to know you could do it even in the situation you are in. That’s very liberating!

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