Today started off not so bright because a headache was hitting me hard – those headaches seem to wipe me out – and the only relief is just a quiet room and try to sleep..Well BLESS my family – because all remained quiet and I actually got to sleep and the headache is finally lifting. So I thought because of all this – the day would be a wash and I could not move forward in anything – but that changed…..

I actually managed to fill up a garbage bag full of garbage/clutter that was around my recliner that I just did not need – and why it was still there is a mystery to me….yes there is so much more to do – but this is a BIG BABY STEP for me…it was something I could do – something I accomplished – I did not run out of breath..and I even lit a white candle afterwards to celebrate that accomplishment.

In getting this done I went from such energy down (with a headache and no sleep) and went right over to energy up (no headache – decluttered-slept)- and still have energy to get a few more things done this evening! The BEST part is that I found (under clutter) three large plastic bowls that I bought WAY WAY BACK for us to use and some t-shirts…I was so excited… I so celebrated – good step forward!

In that time of getting rid of things – nothing negative came to my mind – no negative thoughts – I just kept thinking that after all that is bagged I will feel relieved and I was right!!!

Taking Baby Steps While Moving Forward Is A GREAT Thing!!

This is my entry for NABLOPOMO and more importantly SOUL COACHING!



  1. Babystep rock! The only way to travel …

  2. Congratulations on doing so much more than you thought you’d be able to do – and finding treasures in the process!

  3. I call baby steps “micro movements” and I too am proud that I took some today! Congratulations to you and I hope you are feeling much better. 🙂

  4. Isn’t it fabulous how we find treasures under piles of clutter? Congratulations of your BIG baby steps! ( I actually envisioned a giant baby stomping around! Heh! 🙂

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