Today’s topic is CLUTTER..getting rid of the clutter surrounding you. Well – I did manage to do that before writing this post – I actually cleared out my computer area/desk…you may not think that is much – however – there was enough stuff to fill a large rubbermaid tub. OMG – that felt great – however – this morning when I finally fell asleep – both my hunnie and my daughter needed to use my computer – my hunnie to read his email because his puter is out for the count – and my daughter needed to print some project of hers (she has a puter but printer is not hooked up-she lost the CD to it) and when I finally woke up – my computer again is covered in clutter – and neither of them seemed to be concerned. It is driving me nuts. I cannot use chemicals to help clean in general – heck I cannot even walk from here to the kitchen without running out of breath – but I finally felt good to clear out something – to clean something and you would never know it from looking at it…I will work on de-cluttering it again….and then I plan on working on the rest of the room of which of course they keep adding garbage and it is suffocating me.

When my desk was free from clutter – it felt good – felt free – I even have a candle near me that I keep putting in new white votive candles in to make it a peaceful area for me (thanks to scaredsuzie for that tip) – well the hunnie decided to put a box of medicine on top of that because he wanted to put his coffee mug where I had the medicine at. Very frustrating….really!!!!

My life has too much clutter which I think that is why I hold up in one room also – but slowly things are getting done. Being a packrat is a very hard habit of letting go of – and I am Queen Packrat (it was even a nick name that was given to me). Right now – I will do what I can do and get rid of clutter one step at a time – from small things like my purse – to my one shelf near my puter – to my puter desk – to my four shelves near my recliner – to my puter room – taking things one step at a time!

I want to thank you all who have dropped by and left very encouraging comments – makes my heart smile!!
**as a side note – I am following through on my praying – have already lifted up some prayers for others (none for myself) made my soul happy!!

This is my Day 4 of Soul Coaching and NaBloPoMo…PEACE!!



  1. It sounds as if you need a more personal space than you have now. I know the frustration you are talking about. I have shared a bedroom with my younger sister for a long time. I would do one thing to change the room and she would do something else. It feels good to have my own space now.

    Good luck clearing your clutter! It is okay to take things slowly. Getting it done in your own way is important, because change is difficult.

  2. What a beautiful time, enjoying your clutter-free desk and the light of a candle.

    How wonderful that your prayers continue. I’m so curious – if you were to add a prayer for you, what would it be?

  3. It is hard to let go of stuff and the habit of collecting! one day at a time and one area at a time, that is how I tackle it. Enjoy your space!

  4. I’m glad you felt good with your clutter free desk even if it was for a short time. Maybe you should put up a sign in that area saying – clutter free zone – so other members of your family can be supportive too?

    I had a giggle at Maxine’s household hint – use a dusty coffee table as a message board. 🙂

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