I wanted to start off by saying that for some reason – I wrote yesterday’s blog entry in the afternoon and it shows today’s date – which makes it look like I missed a day with my NABLOPOMO but I did not…I have no idea how to fix that – but I just wanted to say it for the record -(edit–fixed the date thingy-relieved) ANY WHO—-

Today’s soul coaching point is COMMITMENT…making a commitment to do something that adds to your life or to stop doing something that has been taking away from your life. Well I think I have done that commitment step by a huge margin because I quit smoking at the beginning of the year. Just did not want it anymore – really did not suffer from withdrawals (strange) but so glad it is out of my life. Just as a side note – the smoking did not help my health issues but it had NOTHING to do with my health issues…HOWEVER the commitment I do want to make is praying… it may not seem like much – or may not show an effort – but I am finding out something so very interesting about praying. When there are others that ask for prayers – I immediately pray for their needs and miracously – the situation is resolved (health-money-relationships-whatever-etc) Now I am finding I do not have the same results for myself. I do not know why – I know that intercessory prayer is meant for others – I am sure this is a road I am suppose to take on a regular basis – doing it everyday – make that commitment – I know this will bring about positive changes in my life – I just have to give it a chance.

I think in giving it a chance – then my prayers, my concerns, my “needs” will be met. At least that is the message I am getting deep in my soul. The world could always use a few more prayers!!

I think some commitments are very difficult to keep – but I really want this one bad – I think it is too easy to commit to things that you have to do already in one’s life – especially for me – so this one is important!

My Affirmation: Commitment Makes You Stronger!


6 responses to “A COMMITMENT

  1. Love your take on the affirmation!

  2. Thanks for this post Ellie. I agree with you, I feel so strongly about the power of prayer. Somehow I always slack off. I haven’t made my commitment yet, prayer is a pretty good idea, hmmm.

  3. Prayer is my commitment too!! It’s a good one…
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I will pray that your prayers come true! 🙂

  5. Really? Commitment makes you stronger eh? Wow, I have to think about that one. I wonder why it scares the heck out of me. LOL.

    Cute graphic and it helps me connect with the positive aspect of commitment a little more. Thank you Ellie.

    If prayer is what you need and desire, then go for it! What could be bad about communicating with the divine?

  6. What a great pic you’ve chosen. I agree with others how this wonderful dog helps with a positive connection to commitment. Interesting that there is a tie to faithfulness – faith – prayer. There’s depth here.

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