Since this is the beginning to my new journey – part of that- is to make a contract to myself-as to what I want this month to be about. I want to be COMFORTABLE with me. Ever since this illness has taken a hold of my life – it has rippled from one thing to another. So my self worth – my purpose has changed – maybe even taken away in some respect. Even my family has questioned my worth because I can no longer work. So that has thrown even more self-doubt in the mix.

So truly I want to be more comfortable with me – more comfortable in creating and in that – knowing it is worth the time, just worthy period. The contract with myself – is to feel OK – about me – comfortable about me – comfortable doing what I can today – and being happy with that.

Achieving all that would be true PEACE and CONTENTMENT for me! Just me being on the puter is a major step in the right direction.


9 responses to “MY INTENTION

  1. May you feel more and more comfortable with every step of the journey. May you flourish and feel loved.

  2. sending blessings for your journey during November.. xo

  3. Jamie said it perfectly. Know that being able to work does not prove someone’s worth. Sadly, that is society’s conditioned thinking and I hope that you will feel much better about yourself through the course of the month ahead.

  4. Beautiful words. I look forward to sharing the month ahead with you! -rice

  5. Oh Ellie, how I can empathize with the not working issue because of illness. The wonderful thing we are blessed with is a spiritual path, that can never be taken from us. I’m so happy you’re on this journey with us, with me!

  6. i {hear} you intention and i look forward to sharing this journey with you.

  7. what a beautiful intention to begin with ellie! may all your dreams come true. xox

  8. Be super sweet to yourself this month. It is worth it. Congrats on quitting smoking too! Thats huge I have been smoking for 15 years! It’s my last vice left but it really needs to go!

  9. You are worthy simply because you are you! I hope you will learn to believe that this month.

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