Today is the official start for NABLOPOMO – Where people who have blogs take on the challenge to writing every day in their blog for a month. I have heard about this for the last two years – and have decided that this is the year I am going to give it a try….at the same time – I am taking a “class” in Soul Coaching..and it is everyday for the month of November. So that should help me write along every day in this blog. This blog is for my inspiration – to let my muse help me be more creative – to stretch my creativity beyond where it has been…I really am looking forward to this journey…I want to go through it all and come out renewed – fresh with ideas…screaming WOO HOO!!!

I am excited – I just want to feel okay about me – being creative – being just me – dealing with my illness and not feeling that I am less then what I used to be…I want to get out of that thinking…we will see!!!



  1. What an exciting month, November is going to be! I’m so glad you’re joining us for Soul Coaching. Be sure to stop by and add your day’s link so that we can come and share the journey with you.

    May this be the beginning of something wonder-full!

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