Hello My Ever Growing World!

Life has been hectic. It’s been down right crazy.

But I don’t think I’d change it for anything.

Okay so I’d change one detail but that’s because it shouldn’t have happened.

Lets start in March shall we? March was Grad Bash. That was, awesome.

In April.. lord. It shouldn’t have happened. But as mom already said, we lost Thor.

And Ginger just months later.

Also in April, just days after Thor left us, Prom arrived. I didn’t want to go. I just lost such an important member of my family and now I was forced to go out and celebrate being a senior. With all the pressure from my friends I finally caved and went. It was fun.

I’m the monkey in the middle.

And finally May. Graduation. We went. We Saw. I totally ruled. As soon as I walked across that stage, took my grad. pictures and heard all my congrats I busted out with the parental units and left. Woo! It was Mission Accomplished. Not impossible.

The summer was difficult. I lost a friend of mine. Jimmy Pierce. RIP.

During the school year I also lost another friend, Courtney. RIP.

Now I am in college. Yay. Its okay, really boring though. Its all prereq classes. Which sucks. So therefore its boring. Now moms back on the saddle with her blogs and groups and Im happy for her.

She needs to have some spice in her life. Woo!

Any who, ya’ll take care and have a good day cause thats muh post.

Rock on,

-The Daughter.


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