I am always telling my daughter that what she feeds her eyes and ears with, fills your mind, heart and soul. I was never taught that – just knew it for some reason…and I totally believe it! She loves deep horror flicks, movies that question and doubt faith, music with some crazy messages…typical teenage stuff…but I keep trying to redirect her focus away from certain things…because all that negative feed into her being eventually (I believe) comes out of you in some way, shape or form.

Well, this morning I came upon this article that kind of touches on the subject and thought I would post it here…hope it encourages or perhaps help bring light to others:

Feed Yourself Good Things

By Robert H. Schuller

If you want something worthwhile to come out of your mind, you have to put something worthwhile into it. Cultivate the discriminatory art. Does this television program, this book, this conversation, inspire me? Or does it depress me? Does it help me want to be a better person, or is it neutral and unstimulating? Does it evoke the positive emotions of love, faith, hope, and joy, or the negative emotions of hate, disbelief, fear, and misery? Am I feeding my mind a diet that will calm, challenge, uplift, or inject determination to go out and win?

Stop listening to those Impossibility Thinkers who tell you how wrong you are – how impossible your idea is.

As much as possible, exposure yourself to what’s positive. Go to the library and find books that teach you more on the art of being a Possibility Thinker. There are many.

It’s your choice.

Right thinking determines right direction.

Have a GREAT tuesday and Thanks for stopping by



  1. Mmmh, interesting article. Never thought about it directly I guess. Love your Fly art!!!! So beautiful and makes me want to fly to a warm area…..smiles, Anke 😉

  2. this was very intersting ,
    I have borowed some good lines..
    very fine article

    I do love your art its very creative and great..
    Life in a flash

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