I have been thinking of the year ahead coming up really quick…..and decided after a few days of thought that I want to write out some goals (have never done this before) of things I want to achieve…things that I want to focus on …so here is my GOAL LIST FOR 2008:



1-     Create some form of ART every day – even WIP is good (at least 3 times a week is my minimum)

2-     Go OUT at least once a month OUTSIDE into the real world (off our property)

3-     Go OUTSIDE the house at least once a week

4-     Organized arts and craft supplies – craft room

5-     Take Pictures – lots of pictures – at every opportunity

6-     Take time to pray – meditate – breathe – think things through

7-     Open an Etsy Shop

8-     Make MORE handmade gifts for Christmas 2008 (less store bought)

9-     Find SOMETHING positive – a blessing – everyday – write it down (keep track)

10- Live – Love – Laugh

Of course – I will add to it if I think I am moving ahead with things in my life instead of constantly fighting an internal battle just to exist….but the above mentioned things are important right now for me….and of course my family is NOT MENTIONED because they are always my priority – I just wanted to list things that are not so obvious!

Do you have any GOALS for 2008 – I would love to hear about them…let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!


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