When You Lose Your Parents,
You Lose Your Past.
When You Lose Your Significant Other
You Lose Your Present.
But When You Lose Your Child,
You Lose Your Future.

That quote was given to me – by a visiting nurse…it holds so true!!!
I wanted to THANK you all for stopping by this week and reading about Joshua. This will be my last entry about him for the time being.

Nothing could ever prepare you to lose your child – I would give my life to have 5 minutes to say Good-bye to him – to hold him one more time – kiss him one more time..I don’t think the pain ever goes away – it just becomes embedded in your life..and you start weaving your life around it.

Once a year sometimes twice – I still go to the cemetery and visit his grave. It is still very difficult for me to go…to know I cannot have him with me. Losing him changed my life – changed me forever…

Yes I have Crystalyn – she is my world…I truly believe I would not be around if it wasn’t for her…she gave me a reason to live..a reason to go with life. I am very thankful for the close bond we have with each other..only her and I can share that spiritual connection with is a something I hang on to.

I guess I could go on and on but I will leave you all with this bit of wisdom from me: HUG your loved ones as often as possible…never take them for granted…tell them at every opportunity how much you LOVE them…ENJOY every moment you have with them…because truly NO ONE IS GUARANTEED TOMORROW.


3 responses to “GOOD-BYE FOR NOW JOSHUA

  1. Oh Ellie how beautiful. I SO understand and wrap my heart around yours honouring the life and death of Joshua. What brought him to mind? I mean we both know that they are never far from our thoughts, incorporated into our world. Is it his birthday? did he visit?
    You’re right the pain never goes away. Some moments are so fresh and others at least for me arne’t. How old would he be?
    Sending you loads and loads of love.

  2. *very big hug* You don’t only have to post about him now… you know we will listen anytime you want to talk about him, right?

  3. I just your blog through 5 Minutes from Mom (followed one of your comments). I know the pain of losing a child never goes away. May this video encourage you today (please follow the link)

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