This weekend will be a bit chaotic….one wayward son is coming home…presently he is stationed at Ft. Hauchula Arizona…he is being trained in Interrogation and Intelligence gathering. I am one very proud mom…totally support anything he wants to do… it has been a difficult road tho because both my sons (who are twins) left home at the same time to pursue careers in the army… so it really hit hard at home–

I love it when he comes home–he loves to help his dad out getting things done around the house and then hook up with his friends for fun nights on the town…but then that time always rolls around again and he will have to leave…so I will enjoy the next 48 hours and soak up his laughter and jokes and craziness and then with tears let him go yet again.

At the same time…this is the last weekend of summer vacation for my daughter.. so we have to get everything set for her and her final year of school…senior year should be so exciting for her. Of course her anxiety level is running on high…anxious about what lies ahead. I am just the mom and I am anxious about what lies ahead…but I just know the year will be filled with lots of important decisions and great memories.



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