Its The Daughter Here!

Hey guys,

My names Crystalyn, and I’m a senior in high school as you already know.  Today was possibly the most craziest bizzare start to any day of my life. Today my overbearing A/C unit started a fire at the outlet. And let me tell you I dont think I’ve ever seen a fire get so big when it came to an outlet. But it was only big because it ate my shelf made from netting that just fed to the fire quite well. If I hadnt woken up to a strange crackling I’d probably be dead by now in the morgue from smoke inhilation. But thank God I’m not. Looks like someone up there really cares about me. My wall is black where it used to be a royal purple and my room smells like soot. I just hope my new wardrobe did not absorb the smell. I’d hate to go to start my senior year off smelling like burnt toast. And weirdly enough when I finished that sentence I went to check on my toast and yep you guessed it. It was burnt. Freaky huh?

Anywho! Onward! This stuff is too depressing and ‘omg’ factor for me. Haha. My brother Eric will be here on Friday and even though most of the time he ignores me and hangs with his best friend William more then me I find myself happy that he’ll be here. It’ll be nice to have him home in a long time. Not everyday you get to have a visit from your Army brother. Eh? Hes most likely going to Iraq and even though mom and dad say one day at a time I cant help but feel something isnt right. I’m not gonna dive into my beliefs and feelings on the war cause I can put up a dang good fight but yeah.

I gotta clean my room. Funny thing? I can find EVERYTHING when its messy.(Okay truthfully? I cant find alotta things right now but when its a normal mess THEN I can find things.) When its organized. It scares me. I’m like Albert Einstein. But yeah okay I guess it could use a good cleaning. But afterwards I am totally throwing my clothes randomly all over the place cuz then it’ll make me feel a little better!

Hey mom! I know your reading this and please dont worry about me when I go out into the world. Yes at times it may be hard for me but you’ve taught me alot. You’ve taught me how to do my own laundry, fold clothes, cook, bake, pay bills online and keep all my doors locked. I’m not an idiot, I wont let a random stranger in and I certainly wont sleep without a weapon near me. But luckily for you we dont have to worry about any of that until I finish college! But really. Dont worry. Everything will be fine. Promise.

Until next time fellow bloggers,


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