Yes another school year is starting next monday the 17th…this will be a very bitter/sweet year. Bitter because it is my daughter’s last year of high school…she is finally a senior….so sweet for her….but so sad and bitter for me…emotionally I know I am not ready to let her go.

I think right there is where the problem lies….I so want her to succeed and do things in life and enjoy all the possibilities an adventures that are out there waiting for her, but I am also very scared because to me, she is not ready to face the ugliness that is out there. I blame myself. I have protected her, shielded her, her whole life…and now she will soon face alot of serious decisions and harsh reality that I do not think emotionally she is ready for. The one thing I am grateful for is that she plans on attending a Technology school that is near home…so she will still be living at I think that transition will help…but her responsibilites will be large after high school and I do not believe she realizes how crazy that is going to be…again I blame myself.

It has been a VERY busy summer with ordering her school ring and having her senior portraits taken and now ordering our choice of pictures….she already has had orientation and found out she is half a credit short going into her senior year…so I told her to PUSH her guidance counselor (who never told her) to get things settled and make sure she is set to graduate…before anytime goes on with the school year…the high school is overcrowded easily by 2000 students….it will be another chaotic year-crowded and just another number…that is the unfortunate part.

But it will be a year of special privileges because she is a senior so I know she will really enjoy those times….and hopefully have fun with most of what is going on around her…I want her to remember this year with a big smile on her face and wonderful memories…Time will tell and updates will be posted…in the meantime…I think we are in for A LOT of heart to heart talks about what lies ahead. THANK GOD WE ARE CLOSE!


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