Mother’s day has come and gone and it was quite nice to be honest…
I started it off by calling my own mother…She and my father live about 4 hours south of us…they used to live only  20 minutes away but they moved at the insistence of my brother from their house to a duplex that my brother owns so that they do not have to pay a mortgage payment or anything…the only bill they have to worry about now is the electric and phone…financially I am sure this helps them out…but now they live in an area where there is nothing around…they have no friends down there…when they lived closer they belonged to several church groups and associations. Where they live now it is not meant as a retirement area…it is for “yuppie” families…so there is nothing catering to the elderly.

I really miss them…but I wander here…I called them..especially my mom to wish her a BEAUTIFUL day…we caught up on the news for the week…all sounded well…I guess my brother and his wife are taking the folks out for dinner so that is a great way to spend Mother’s Day.

One of my sons, who is stationed at Ft. Hauchula in Arizona, called me for Mother’s Day…it really made my day to hear from him…his twin brother who is stationed at Goodfellow AFB in Texas did not call…but I do realize Army life can interfere in normal every day things…I am sure I will hear from him soon enough.

My daughter who still lives at home…who is just finishing her junior year in high school made me a gorilla candle holder for Mother’s Day out of clay…here is a picture of it:

It has not been fired yet…but I LOVE it…it is adorable…she also made breakfast and dinner for me…and baked a cake….so I was very spoiled…and had a very peaceful day…

I am very grateful to my children…without them I would never know the true blessings of Mother’s Day…



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